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EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES10.02.201619:30 And how do you know that you are not doing too much?

Mustdoers (derivative from must do) are people who do everything because they must. Roman Kushnir, Director of the SPE School of Development and editor-in-chief of the psychology journal «Experiment», who has invented such a term, is not definitely to be nominated with this word. This person is happy in his work. In the training on time management, within the project «Someone will not do it», Roman has shared his secrets of efficiency and enjoying life.
Читай українською: Тайм-менеджмент від Романа Кушніра

The thing is not in action – the thing is in intentionwhat is the purpose of doing something.

Primary desire or inspiration will surely disappear. One should even purposely «suppress» one’s first fervor.

A person without values is a jellyfish, not a person.

The formula of enjoyable work is the following: 20%  we do what we have to (persuading ourselves and, as a result, others), 60 % – we do what needs to be done, and 20% – we do what we want (spontaneity and joy from life).

We have to put up with the idea that we cannot control everything.

Influencing on yourself, you influence on the whole world.

We are a projector. Life is a picture projected not on the wall but inside of us.

Never do anything – just experiment: «Let me try doing it».

We are separated from success by one tentative. Do not concentrate on failures.

If something doesn’t come out  just try once again.

If we do not give a person the right for a mistake, he or she will never change.

It is absurd to be afraid of what is sure to come. It is reasonable to fear what can be changed.  Find out what you are really afraid of – and you will stop being afraid.

Insignificant goals are not motivating. Though it is better have minor goals than none.  

There’s a rule of «bonuses»: if you strive for something great – you will have added something minor.

And how do you know, that you are not doing too much?

People burn out, since they work «not on their own speed».

Time management is a capacity of socializing and making arrangements with oneself.

We are a company: we are an accountant, a manager (dealing with purchase and sales), and a cleaner of ourselves. If we are discontented, it means that we have organized, nourished or praised one of the workers in a wrong way.

Be fond of being regenerated. Old is a person that is not disposed to change.


Reference“Someone will not do it” is a social project effectuated by the Youth Commission of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The project functions in the sections essential to young people«Happy family», «Quality education», «Ecology», «Traffic safety». Further information on the project can be found here>>>


Recorded by Marta Zozulia


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