Christmas Through a Child’s Eyes

EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES08.02.201616:25 He was perfectly aware that we, as human beings, are not capable of loving until we can hold what we love in our hands.

José Luis Martín Descalzo was a famous Spanish priest-journalist whose writings are well known among readers. He was a writer that, with his works, gave joy and inspired profound reflections on various problems of human life. Among those whom I would really want to meet, sadly, it has been 25 years since he died and the opportunity passed by.  That is why I will share some selected passages from his Christmas article, with reflections, which is sure to bring you joy and inspiration.

Читай українською: Різдво дорослого дитячими очима

I was thinking that God can be reached only in two ways: by being a child or by bowing often before Him; not by climbing the stairs of science, power, or greatness, but continually returning to the first years of one’s life.

Christmas is primarily the mystery of childhood. That is why it is so holy. Speaking about it, therefore, can be entrusted only to a child that has been each of us.

Children simply live with joy, while we, as adults, make enormous efforts only to approach it a little bit. A ray of sunlight is enough for them to feel joy, but, according to Goldwidcher, in order to melt an adult’s heart, the whole sun is not enough. 

A human being is not able to hope.   He is waiting for what should not require waiting.  That is why we have not 

understood God when He came to us. We hoped to see Him in power, but we saw Him in poverty. We waited for God’s rage to destroy our enemies, but there came mercy. We wanted to receive mysterious revelations, but there appeared a small piece of flesh that made great efforts to pronounce words «mum» and «dad».

The thing is that God just wanted to be loved. He was perfectly aware that we as human beings are not capable of loving until we can hold what we love in our hands. We would be able to fear the God of warriors or admire the God of philosophers. But we would only be able to love God Himself as an infant. Therefore, Christmas is full of dizziness, confusion, exuberance, and infinity. Christmas comes to unmask us from our pomposity with which we covered up our face all our life.

The Christmas of 1981 (which is relevant for us even in 2016) is when the world, almost having forgotten the taste of hope, is shuddering from famine and wars. Christmas and the infant Lord came to us to wake us up from the boundless horrors and to teach us to see life with burning eyes. And I am pleased to repeat the words Bernanos’s used to edify pupils: «Do not ever forget that this cursed world continues to go on only thanks to the cooperation of saints, poets, and children. Their cooperation has always been attacked, but it continually regenerates». If we are lucky to preserve those three forms of faithfulness, there will always be Christmas in the world. And joy will be more powerful than horror.


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