How Can We Hear God? Recommendations from Bishop Venedykt

03.02.201616:51 There are no accidental events in our life…

On December 24 in the Church of Protecting Veil of the Mother of God in Lviv there was a gathering for young people as a continuation of their spiritual preparation journey towards the World Youth DayThe main theme of the program conducted by Fr. Anatoliy Hetsianyn, was represented by the Gospel words: «Blessed rather are those who hear the Word of God and obey it» (Luke 11, 28).

Young people also tried to get deeper comprehension of the WYD-2016 Theme Song, sang and prayed, and, in conclusion, were addressed by Bishop Venedykt Aleksiychuk, Auxiliary Bishop of Lviv Archeparchy of the UGCC:

Читай українською: Як почути Бога? Поради владики Венедикта

It may seem that a person should have some special capacities to be able to listen. The saints, however, who may seem unapproachable to us, demonstrate that in reality it is possible to live with God and with God’s Word.

It is not easy to find in our life someone who will be always ready to hear us, – but God is always ready to listen.

Why does God forgive? – Because he loves us and believes that we can change. He believes in a human being, that’s why he is ready to hear us again and again.

Our prayers are often distracted and inattentive. But God hears us since we are always valuable for Him.

No one else is able to hear another person if not the one who was heard; he becomes ready to listen to another person.

Will someone, when looking into his or her own life, find situations when he was heard by God? – Each of us was heard by God but we forget about it very often and quickly.

Each of us is entitled to write about his or her own experience of encountering God. The apostles experienced that encounter and wrote a Gospel.  We have not seen Christ historically but there were certain moments in our lives when we experienced His presence. There are no accidental events in our life… In everything God speaks to us, willing to say something to each of us.

If the Lord said to us something, it means we can live it. God will never give more than a person is capable of enduring.  

«You will receive from God according to your faith…» what we wish, happens to us Thus, let us desire to listen to the Lord, He is willing to say a lot to each of us. Let the Lord give us that great desire which will bring joy into our life. We all wish to be happy and God knows and wants to tell us what true happiness is; so we just need to be willing to hear Him. 


«The Way to Krakow» is a spiritual preparation journey to the World Youth Day, which will take place in Poland in summer (July 26-31, 2016).

Such meetings are traditionally held in Lviv once a month, usually on the last Thursday of the month in the the Church of Protecting Veil of the Mother of God (Lychakivska st, 175) at 19.00. Its participants are young people from different Salesian community centers.

The programs of such spiritual encounters can be found on the website «Dyvensvit».

Information by Fr. Yuriy Smakous

Photo above: Myrosyk Lesiuk,

More photographs from the meeting can be found here>>>

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