7 keys to the secret of happiness

28.01.201610:32 Many people wait until they are told how to be happy

In civilization, such as ours, where the dominant value is the sale and exchange, happiness is understood like a state objective that can be achieved, stage, something that you can buy, or in otherwise acquire, receive, or like purpose, which must be achieved. In any event, happiness is something completely external.  But beyond us, there is nothing. Being happy is today an order, an order from the fashion and the current way of thinking. Many people wait until they are told how to be happy. However, it is those who are not waiting for such orders, which have already started their journey towards happiness. We all have inside. Happiness, too. It is a way of existence, not property. It's a mystery. And here are some tips to solve it.

Читай українською: "7 ключів до таємниці щастя"

Firstly: the presence of purpose

Don’t recognize life in terms: easy – difficult. Nothing is easy, nothing is difficult. These two words you should forget. Forever. In return include to your vocabulary another terms: the purpose, intention, desire. And then will be exist the only road to realization of this purpose, this intention, this desire. The way is always full of difficulties minutes, waves of rest, of fatigue, of pleasure, of fear, of anxiety, of joy, of peace of mind, but you will never stand still, because you will have your goal. Don’t choose an easy road nor in the spirit of masochism, heavy, but do plans. The difficulties are the part of the way. All this boils down to faith. Faith in us, in our ability God's creation, in that, that we can participate in plans, that we believe in our ability to shape ourself based on our personal experiences and achievements of previous generations.

Secondly: freedom.

Freedom does not belong to the structure of power. In our corrupt civilization, power permeates every aspect of life. Even culture is completely surrendered to authority. Young intellectuals are seeking power. Today everything is power. But the authority never leads to happiness. The power seems the most real, the most available to man, but the history has shown that it is one of the most fragile and unstable prey. The authority does not give to a man liberty:  you subjected to the power or create it, and in the second case the power becomes your absolute master.

Thirdly: courage

Courage to remain alive inside.  Man is always on the move. He wants it or not.  Unfortunately, many people are not active, they do not work on their inner world. Because of television, for example, we don’t think, we accustomed to absorb everything passively. We have to re-learn silence. Learn not to be afraid of themselves and accept the state of loneliness. Actually, in silence and solitude the voice of deepest intuition becomes audible.

Fourth: humility

If you want to be able to fruitfully use own interior, you need to learn humility. Humility allows continuous, critical self-assessment. When a man shut himself in his narcissism and stops at the spot, perhaps he feels stronger and wiser, but, in fact, he is closed in the prison of mirrored walls, where he is always, everywhere seeing his own reflection.

Fifth: truthfulness

We live in a society that does not teach us sincerity. Unfortunately, we are learning to follow the rules, despite the fact that they adversely affect to the human personality. In many cases, we must have the courage to not obey the laws. We should always try to be sincere. Do we lose by it friends? If we lose them because of the truth - they unlikely were our friends.

Sixth: persistence

Now all want to have everything immediately. The society wants to forget today so rarely used terms like perseverance, constancy. Instead people are talking about the desire, needs, external factors. Desire means nothing without perseverance and discipline. Many of us now are only the result of the team of emotions, sensations, desires that light up and at once extinguished. We need to freshen up in our private dictionary words "will", "perseverance" in order to be able to participate in a creative vision, and then walk through prudent, which leads to happiness.

Seventh: sometimes to think about death

These words may seem paradoxical to you and sharp, but listen to me for a moment! I'm not saying that you have to worry about death painful, manic or depressive, just that you should remined yourself the knowledge you received from birth. Liberate yourself from ignorance, superficiality and fear. I'll give you the last piece of advice. Carefully check all your affairs and enjoy the least of them. Don’t run for great things, for the myths behind big words, for too big feelings. They are only illusions, because they never die. Be close to things that pass, even if their life lasted only one day – you will have in hands the secret of happiness.


Читай українською: "7 ключів до таємниці щастя"

Translated by Oksana Svitlytska

Source:  deon.pl

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