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EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES16.01.201619:08 In America, on the condom packets, it is already written "Does not protect from AIDS"

When you are walking along a dark street, knowing that in the middle of it there is an open  manhole, you just pass round it and do what? Your friends and colleagues also walk along this street, so will you tell them about it or will you just give them a traumatologist’s visiting card in case of someone falling into it? What will you do?

I, as a medicine student, may not know all the particulars yet, but I cannot be silent any more. Let us talk about HIV and AIDS. To anticipate what I am going to say, this information may not satisfy some people but regardless...

Читай українською: "Не можу більше мовчати..."

What do you know about HIV and AIDS? Mainly, what have you heard at school, on TV, or on the Internet? HIV stands for “human immunodeficiency virus,” and AIDS is “acquired immune deficiency syndrome.” It is not the same. Now, what do advertisements teach you? "Protect yourself from AIDS – take a condom". To counterbalance it, here are some facts: in America, on the condom packets, it is already written "Does not protect from AIDS"; according to the data provided by the World Health Organization, the ONLY way of preventing infection is AVOIDING situations that bring the risk of being infected, such as: common use of needles and syringes, or practicing safe sex relationships.  Let us look more carefully into the last sentence:

- “the ONLY way...” means that other ways are of little effect or are entirely ineffective;

-  AVOIDING and not playing "roulette": maybe it will not infect me? But what if it will!

- situations that bring the risk of HIV, according to the statistical data, are mostly used needles and people having chaotic sexual relations;

- safe sex relationships—such relations can only be with those who you are 100% confident about regarding their health. Where are such relationships to be found? They are found in a healthy Christian marriage in which premarital purity was kept and where there is faithfulness in marriage.

Consequently, the best preventive measure is our behavior.

You know, our medicine is distant from the world’s ideals, but we are able to, at least, make small steps towards positive changes. Unfortunately, now condoms, as an effective protection, are being widely popularized, despite not always being effective. We have to warn others about an incoming problem instead of giving them a traumatologist’s visiting card.

I came across the fact that young people really do not know that a condom is not a panacea from HIV. Moreover, on December 1st, they are massively distributed on the streets, in educational institutions… What for? This provokes more situations which bring about the risk of infection. And what are we to do? Right, we are to AVOID them.

The solution is in another way of thinking, and, until we change it, we will hardly overcome this illness. I would like to exhort, by this article, conscientious doctors to make amendments to this issue. Do not forget that many of you are authorities whose qualified opinion is requested. Everything should be made clear; medical science is also in need of truth.

According to the statistics, after testing anti-HIV vaccines, the number of those who got infected with a vaccine was higher than the number of those who didn’t use it. And the thing is not in the vaccine’s quality. The thing is in the way of thinking. Those who rely on the vaccine were less cautious since they thought that it was complete protection. Now, by analogy, put on a condom instead of using a vaccine. What shall we have?

I exhort you, again and again, to conscious behavior. We are, in no way, released from responsibility. When you are sitting on a powder keg, you’d better not play with matches, since, sooner or later, it can spark and explode.

What induced me to such a reflection? For some reason, in our mentality, all have an expectation to hear what the Church will say. The Church has already said everything. Commandments are not hidden, but accessible to everyone; they also include preventive measures – the question is only over whether we wish to take advantage of it.

I wrote this article also for those who do not consider the Church as an authority, unfortunately. There should also be present here a truth from the doctors but as always…there’s only silence…because someone gains money from the advertisements, because it is difficult to reach out, because it is impossible to do...

We should remember that, to whom much is given, much will be required...

If you didn’t know it so far, if you didn’t hear it until today, tell it to those you know and love, since, if someone falls into an open sewer, there will be no need for a traumatologist but only for a mortuary...

A condom does not protect from HIV!!!

By Zoryana Opalyns'ka

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