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EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES11.01.201616:14 Throughout the informational currents of modern society, the primary task for a journalist is to stay afloat, to be interesting and popular. On how to shape and keep your mass media identity, the participants of the Forum of Young Christian Journalists discussed and provided the following points.

1. To start with, in journalism, the main thing is to renounce abstract notions. A journalist cannot think in such categories as: «youth», «middle class», or «business class». When you start writing, be clearly aware of who your audience is, and address your writings to a concrete audience.

2. If your audience is youthful, speak to them in their language, making use of their inherent vocabulary – slang, etc. Speak of what they will find specifically interesting.

3. Strive for originality. Search for topics that are touching and will be unique – it is essential for any material to be popular.

4. The principal task of a journalist is to give facts. In any crisis situation, keep journalistic ethics – report on events as they are in reality.

5. Do not be afraid! Don’t be afraid of tough questions and problematic situations. On the contrary, search for them; react on them opportunely and promptly as it often offers the way of resolving conflicts.

6. It is not enough to prepare good material. Advertise yourself, if you wish to be read. 

7. Social networks nowadays have become the most powerful way of spreading information.  Even if you do not have your own account on Facebook, you should be aware and conscious of how it works. Take advantages of social networks on a full scale!

8. Become associated with hashtags. This increasingly popular #  will increase the possibility of spreading your message in thousands or millions times.

9. Perfect yourself daily! Read, write, and practice. Be interesting primarily to yourself, and you will be able to interest others.

10. Create in a bright, positive, creative, sincere, joyful, and respectful manner – and then you will be read for sure!


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