Making Advances: How is the Church to Communicate With Youth Effectively?

21.12.201512:08 On December 10-11, 2015, in Briukhovychi near Lviv, a forum consisting of young Christian journalists took place. Essential issues were discussed there, among which was how the Church could best communicate with the youth via finding the right approach towards young personalities who search for God.

Сommunicating with young people is an art of making advances towards them. But what is the right way for the Church to reach out to their hearts? Here are some useful points:

Читай українською: Йти назустріч: як Церкві ефективно спілкуватися з молоддю?

1. We should not only preach in a church – we should go to social networks. Now almost every young person has his or her own account on some social network. Why don’t we use some famous social network for evangelization? It is possible, desirable, and very useful to preach not only with words but also with photos and videos. There’s another great advantage of social networks—the possibility of short-spoken communication with many people. This allows for a wonderful way of preaching for the youth.

2. We should speak with simple terminology, the same way as young people do. What is the best way of perceiving useful but complicated information for better comprehension? It is by being familiar with simpler words which take into account the peculiarities of communication used by our audience. Simple language is like gold since one is willing to listen to sermons and lectures which will be remembered for a long time.

3. We should show the real face of the Church which is young.  Someone may think that the Church is for older people and that only the elderly are present there. Let us dethrone this stereotype – let us show young people, via mass media, youth initiatives in the parishes; let us show that there are many good and energetic young priests, boys and girls in Church. 

4. We should not be a tribunal that condemns. We should try to understand young people and excite their curiosity rather than just telling them what rules they should follow, allowing for the capacity of understanding their problems and approaching their hearts via sermons. It is also important to be able to direct the energy of the youth into the right direction toward the Church’s development; this is why it is important to comprehend the youth and be capable of making them interested.

5. We should explain motivation for our actions. If we explain why the Church acts this way, as opposed to any other, to young people, the mission of the Church and its good intentions will be comprehensible to the youth. 

And if we wish to lead young people to Christ, we should make advances to them—we should search for a clue to communicating with the youth by being open, simple, delicate, and sincere with them. By doing this, we can help them become interested in the Church. Then we’ll see a lot of young people in Church, for the youth are the future of the Church as they can contribute a lot for its development.


Iryna Kysylevych

Based on:  Forum of Young Christian Journalists: Йти назустріч: як Церкві ефективно спілкуватися з молоддю?

Photo: Snizhana Krekhovetska

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