Andriy Khlyvniuk and Dmytro Shurov Made a Video Recording of "Imagine" in the Framework of the Global Campaign for Children’s Rights

16.12.201515:48 The point of the IMAGINE campaign is that anyone can sing alongside world-famous personalities; the legendary song by John Lennon, "Imagine," was dedicated to children.

In the summer of 2015, UNICEF addressed the "Music for the Masses" with a proposal for Andriy Khlyvniuk and Dmytro Shustov to participate in the project #IMAGINE, a campaign for the equal rights of children throughout the whole world involving hundreds of thousands of people. Obviously, the frontmen of the bands "Boombox" and "Pianoboy" agreed to it.

IMAGINE – what kind of campaign is it? In November 2014, Yoko Ono granted, on a cost-free basis for UNICEF, the rights to John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” with the video clip. The UNO General Assembly for the framework of the Convention for Children’s Rights announced the start of the project. The point of IMAGINE is that anyone can sing alongside world-famous personalities. The song “Imagine” was dedicated to the children.

In Ukraine, the version of "Imagine" by Andriy Khlyvniuk and Dmytro Shustov appeared on the 29th of October in the form of a radio clip and a video clip. The song was produced by Dmytro Shustov and recorded in the studio "Д.Ы.Ш.У." with the participation of a string orchestra. The video clip was filmed by stage manager Denys Zakharov who has previously worked on the editing of the film, "The Guide". Except for studio frames, in the "Imagine" clip, he also filmed unique places of interest in Ukraine – Mukachevo and Khotyn Castles.

Andriy Khlyvniuk, of the band "Boombox": "One should say that dreams come true. I and Dmytro Shurov have sung the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. Imagine. Yoko Ono and the UNO Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have offered for musicians to perform this song throughout the whole world, and I am proud that we will be able to join this initiative”.

Dmytro Shurov, of the band "Pianoboy": "When I feel well, I do not usually listen to John Lennon’s "Imagine”. Such songs as this are normally necessary for understanding one’s own thoughts, to concentrate and switch over to something essential; it is like receiving support from one’s old friend. It has almost been 50 years since the composition of "Imagine,” but its message has not become out of date – we all want to be free and to live in a peaceful world where there’s a place for everyone. For me, working on our shared version of “Imagine” with Andriy had some therapeutic effects which I hope spreads to its listeners as well. The song was recorded in a very simple way – I was playing the piano and we were singing simultaneously with Andriy in different rooms of the studio "Д.Ы.Ш.У." Then, I composed an arrangement for string and wind instruments and invited the best young violinists and wind instrument players in Kyiv for the recording. The song mastering was made in London, in the Abbey Road studio. I am grateful to UNICEF for such a unique opportunity."

While the musicians perform the song, in the clip, the graffiti portrait of the "Imagine" author is simultaneously painted.


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Photo:; frames from the video recording "UNICEF. #IMAGINE – Andriy Khlyvniuk and Dmytro Shurov"; a frame from the video recording "Shooting of the clip «Imagine» with Dmytro Shurov and Andriy Khlyvniuk ", Public Television.

Читай українською: Андрій Хливнюк та Дмитро Шуров записали відео "Imagine" в рамках світової кампанії за права дітей

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