How to Be Happy With Ourselves? – 5 Helpful Points

EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES08.12.201508:29 To build happy relationships, start to love yourself first. How to find happiness in being alone, in addition to other interesting issues, were the point of the Volodymyr Chuprin as a part of the “Hostynets” course organized by the social initiative “To Say Won’t Do.”

How to learn to be happy while being alone:

1. Respect yourself. It is well known that people are attracted to those who are the same as they are. If you want to be happy in relationships as well as to have a happy person by your side, learn to respect yourself, especially while being alone with yourself. Does anybody really need an unhappy person by his or her side that always complains without a reason?

2. Loneliness is not a verdict; it is a possibility. The belief that the presence of someone else will make you happy is only an illusion. It is well-known that many sages lived alone, often isolating themselves. They wanted calmness to have time and the possibility to understand themselves — to investigate the inner universe.

3. “The theory of completeness.” Your other half wanders somewhere and anticipates when you will find him or her. Regarding this theory of finding your other half, it is a myth. Therefore, go ahead and put more effort into becoming complete. Such a postulate occurs almost for every young person. They start to look for their mythical lost half with (mainly) restless enthusiasm to be finally up to their alley. Nevertheless, the other half is found by no means. And, it will not be found because we all are complete. The person is created complete and not in division, leading to one being self-sufficient. Here is the key to the solution of a problem to feel happy. Everyone is the whole universe and a grandiose miracle. Therefore, to believe you are incomplete is simply absurd.

4. To be self-sufficient. It does not mean to be antisocial by any means. Self-sufficiency includes three elements:

  • Accepting yourself.  It derives from what was mentioned above: to realize your own meaning and not to look for mythical halves.
  • A positive attitude toward yourself. It is important to know and understand that your actions are not right or wrong. They are as they are, and we behave in a certain way because we want to like that. The division into categories is not reasonable.
  • To love yourself. Exactly – to love. Loving is a process—great and unceasing. To know how to love is a skill that needs to be learned and to be improved.

5. To be happy. That assignment is all-including and too diverse. There are three factors that hinder being happy which are to be eliminated. These are the following:

  • Fears: It is not worthy to take into account your fears. Often, they are not reasonable. What should be done is to take a step and risk trying and learning.
  • The past. It is not necessary to recall negative experiences from the past and to project it onto the future. No way! Everything that happened should be let go and not recalled. The past is written while the future is created by us here and now.
  • Expectations. To expect anything from others is stupid. What we can imagine does not meet reality because we evaluate everything through the prism of our perception. That is individual for everybody.


Recorded by: Volodymyr Ditchuk, "Як бути щасливим із самим собою? 5 порад"



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