To Entrust the Future of the Church to the Youth

07.12.201514:16 The Youth is the future of the Church. What kind of future should it be? Opinions from the Kolomyya-Chernivtsi Diocese of the UGCC

From the Bishop of Kolomyya-Chernivtsi Diocese, Vasyl Ivasyuk,

Youthfulness is the icon of the Church and society.

The issue of youth always evokes, in my memories, Don Bosco’s life and work for the youth.

Church development has its future only when the youth come to church and take an active part in Christian life and charities.

I would like to start our homily by citing the French writer, Pierre Jules Renard: ‘One can be considered young who has never lied’.

The Church has to consider and recognize the problems and needs of the youth in order to wisely held and look for the good and beautiful, being durable and everlasting with the young people.

It is the Church that calls the youth to be conscious of its problems, to strengthen values, and to take its place within the Church. The Church helps the youth to fulfil its mission and to be responsible for the world.

The Church, with its youth, remains young. The youth not only belong to the Church but are the Church as one, holy, synodal, and united, in love with their neighbors. Love is eternal youthfulness, freshness, tenderness, and warmth. 

The Church and contemporary society needs exactly this: the continuous duty of the Christian youth in the active life of the Church and witness Jesus Christ by its life.

Youth communities inside of a parish or a diocese is something more than just an event. It is the time of deep renewal, which the results will bring good to all Ukrainian society.

Having received the Holy Spirit, we become ‘the image and the instrument of love that has its source in Christ’. Our people and the whole world wait for that love.”

From Brother Avhustyn Veklyak, recently appointed Head of the Commission for Youth Affairs of Kolomyya-Chernivtsi diocese,

The strategy of the UGCC entitled “Live Parish Is the Place to Meet Alive Christ” should be a realized organizing activity of youth communities inside of every parish. Their functioning should be coordinated.

Priests and the youth should become familiar with the work agenda of the Commission for Youth Affairs, make charts of their work, and initiate definitive events. The self-government of the parish youth communities is a step to the youth waking up, bringing the realization of personal responsibility for the common concern by everyone.

The preperation for World Youth Day included the arrangement of the sole spiritual program for the training of Ukrainian youth for WYD “Youth 2016”; the celebration of the Year of God’s Mercy (Pope Francis announced that 2016, the Extraordinary Jubilee Year, will be dedicated to God’s mercy) has made organizing and conducting training, camps, youth rallies, and events the main task, among others, for working with the youth south of the Ivano-Frankivsk region and in Bukovyna.

We can achieve the desirable result: to bring an effective background for the future of the Church up by activating youth and creating versatile actions for it.”

DyvenSvit, Довірити молоді майбутнє Церкви

Photo: “Obnova-Fest”


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