The Recipe Of Happiness For A Student

11.11.201517:57 5 simple steps to feeling satisfied

The most common birthday congratulation is, “Best wishes of happiness, health and many years of life”. But how can one realize this in their life? Today, Antoine Lisets, a doctor of medicine from Croatia, shared his “Recipe of Happiness” with the students of Stryi Agricultural College. The recipe is very simple but needs to be reiterated:

1. Healthy sleep. "The alarm clock should not be set for the morning but for 9.00 pm, then, in the morning, we will get up without it".

2. One should exclude:

а) Smoking: "When, in Lviv, the houses were heated with firewood, the chimney sweeps were invited to clean chimneys. But who will clean your lungs?"

б) Alcohol: Not only vodka, but also beer, gin tonic, brandy cola…It makes you lose self-control.

в) Drugs: You want to take off – you find death. As a rule, those are children from well off families who feel a lack of love. But the true source of Love is God.

3. Your happiness is in your young hands. "One must reap as one has sown", the popular proverb says. And Christ said: "Good measure, crushed down, full and running over, they will give to you". As you treat your aged parents, the same way you will be treated. If you wish to be happy, make those who are next to you happy.

4. To love and to be loved is everyone’s desire. But not all preserve themselves in innocence and chastity before getting married. What happens to a person who likes watching pornography and lives a dissolute life? His or her heart gets cold and stony. If you wish to become a source of Love flowing into eternal Life, repent and preserve yourself in chastity.

5. Preserve life! In Ukraine, the undeclared war with the Russian invader is under way. Thousands of people died. But, in reality, we have already, for decades, made war upon Ukrainians by killing unborn children. For the period of our independence, the number of official victims has been over 20 million children. Your father and mother gave you a chance to be born and to live; do not take it away from your children, support those who today are hesitant, and pray for those who intend to kill their own flesh and blood.

If you want to have these wishes come true, take care of your health, keep your heart innocent, and love your neighbors. What about happiness? Happiness, then, like a butterfly, will sit on your shoulder by itself! And you will not only live here for many years, but stay in eternity with God!

Рецепт щастя для студента

Fr. Petro Verholiak, the Chaplain of Stryi Agricultural College



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