What His Beatitude Svyatoslav Shevchuk Said to the Ukrainian Youth in Italy: 11 Theses

EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES29.10.201510:03 Public address of the Head of the UGCC at the Archcathedral Basilica of St. Sophia

1. Jesus Christ reveals us the truth about God and says that, “God is Love.” His love for a human being does not depend on whether you are good or bad; whether you are his friend or enemy. Human deeds do not put a limit on nor determine the attitude God has for everyone of us.

2. When Jesus Christ calls for us for to love our enemies, it means that He calls for the sharing of the love that we have been granted. As we share more, the more we get! The more we grant love – even to our enemies – the more we feel loved by God! With that power that we radiate, it starts to win over those who are our enemies.

3. Be merciful as your Lord is merciful.

4. This year, Ukrainians celebrate two millennia of jubilees: the millennium of the death of the Prince of Kyivan Rus’, Volodymyr the Great, and the millennium of the deaths of Sts. Borys and Hlib.

5. Why did Prince Volodymyr become a Christian? He had seen God’s love, and that very love became a revolutionary, state building power by which he built the magnificent, Christian Kyivan state.

6. Sts.  Borys and Hlib are the first saints of Rus’ territory after its baptism. And that their deaths as martyrs are the example of the power of love. Since they, being brave warriors (they knew how to use a sword), did not want to react against violence with violence.

7. Today, it is important for us to not simply sprinkle one more monument with water [of Volodymyr the Great – ed.], but to find, in the witnesses of the righteous Christian life, the means to build our society in a similar manner.

8. Today there are many of those who are ready to rule their people, but there are few of those who are ready to love their people.

9. As an address to the youth, “Believe in love! Believe that it is possible to love! Believe in the love that God has for you! Today, many young men and women are afraid to build families. The Church wants to say – believe that it is possible.”

10. Everything will vanish, everything will pass, but love is everlasting. The power of God’s love is indissoluble.

11. Real spouses are open for giving birth to new life – and this is because God is the source of life! He possesses the gift of giving birth to a new human being that wants to enter this world, and we need only to work on that.



Що сказав Блаженніший Святослав українській молоді в Італії: 11 тез

By: Volodymyr Ditchuk

Photo: Roman Demush

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