Youth Initiated Flash-mob in Defense of the Patriarchal Cathedral in Kyiv

28.06.201513:11 An initiative group of parishioners at the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Kyiv invites everyone to join the flash-mob seeking to inform people about the damages to the structure of the main UGCC church.

In late April, when the construction of the residential block started next to the Cathedral, cracks appeared on the floor and dome of the cathedral. Vasyl Bukatiuk, who oversees the structural condition of the Cathedral, said in his commentary on Radio "Liberty" that the cracks in the church started appearing when the construction ground was being established: "The floor made of Greek marble, an indispensable part of the church decoration, has been cracked". In Bukatiuk’s opinion, the process will continue even after the construction is completed.

On June 24, a page appeared on Facebook entitled "Let us defend the Patriarchal Cathedral from the builders". At the same time, the Kyivans have published their first photos with posters saying, "I will stand on defense of the church". They also appeal to everyone who sympathizes with the condition of the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ to make their own photos with slogans in defense of the church and to publish it on the network.

As it was reported in May, there is a court’s decision that prohibits this construction, which, nevertheless, continues.


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