Where and How Do I Invest My Time – The Most Interesting Theses of the Meeting With Bishop Benedict

20.06.201522:15 Bishop Benedict Aleksiychuk, Auxiliary Bishop of the Lviv Archeparchy of the UGCC, the former hieromonk of the Studite monastic order, has met with businessmen to make them reflect on where and how they invest their life. The website of the Lviv Business School at UCU, where the meeting was held, has prepared some interesting theses from the Bishop.

Our life is one, unique and unrepeatable. We live it as if we were writing a draft of it, but our life is one and cannot be rewritten for a clean copy. Time is gifted to us. If we perceived every single moment as unique, how would our life be changed?

We need environment. We have an impact on each other, and we are valuable to each other. We are the fruit of the circumstances in which we live, of what we read, of whom we associate with. 

What is a sin? It is when we have invested ourselves and our time in the wrong way.

In the human organism, there is no part that is more important than the others. The peculiarity of each one is that it works for other body parts. Consequently, there are no significant or insignificant moments. You should realize that, at the place where you are now, you are positioned by God. 

God has no children and stepchildren because, for God, all people are beloved children. Are we aware of who our Father is?

All of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have a sense of inferiority. We do not believe that we are capable of doing something. Our problem is that we live with stereotypes. Be “dead” towards praise and criticism. Look at our lives: someone told us something and we justify ourselves or we are proud of ourselves. We are dependent on being recognized and do not see value in being as we are. If we have difficulty in being ourselves, it means we are not interested in being ourselves; we have no interest in ourselves since we haven’t known ourselves. It is an epidemic of our time and generation. It is important to stop for a while and find time to stay alone with just ourselves.

We should be able to be satisfied with what God has sent us at the present moment. There is only the here and now. The past does not belong to us; the future does not belong to us; it is only the present that belongs to us. Which person is most important in your life? The one who is next to you now. Which task is the most important in your life? The one we are doing now.

Set everything aside – nothing will collapse. Stop for a while and just look at where you are investing your time.

If you were told that you will live only for a month – how you would live it?  I tell you that this month, in which you live, is the last one of its kind and is unique.

Keep your eyes wide open by looking closely at people and events. We always have something to share with others. This is not only money but also love and attention. If we are attentive to another person, they will be attentive to us.

God, out of love, gave me my life. He gave me the best circumstances. He expects me to do something. Have courage to do something by doing what you can. In the lives of the saints’, there were failures and mistakes, but their life demonstrates how they, step by step, in a methodically correct way, made use of their assigned time.

Don’t ask yourself why it has happened this way? Since, from our subjective point of view, we cannot comprehend everything. Ask yourself for what has this happened, what God is willing to tell me by this, and what He expects me to do in this situation. Life acquires another meaning when we see God behind everything.

Both in business and in Christian life, it is important to be fervent – you should “burn” with it. Only invest into something you can profit from.

I do not believe in perfect leaders. I don’t believe since I have never seen one. Everyone has some strong traits, but the success of one person is the merit of the whole team. It is the whole dynamic of relationships.

Values always give an opportunity to support and assist each other, to lend one’s colleague a hand, but not to hurt them. 

In conclusion, here is a short story about values narrated by the Bishop:

Once a small boy approached his father and asked him:
- Daddy, how much do you earn per hour?
- 10 dollars, his father responded.
In a few minutes the son came back with 10 dollars and said: "Dad, would you be able to stay with me for the next hour?".

Bishop Benedict Aleksiychuk

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