God’s Arithmetic

EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES21.05.201513:17 ...He multiplies all our sinsby zero!

All people study mathematics; all without a single exception. It is, to a greater or lesser extent, planted in us. Even those who have no aptitude or capacity for math have some minimal knowledge about it. This science isa continuous logic, a continuous predictability, accuracy, and correctness. There are no subjectiveconjectures here; it is not ruled by separate lawssolely for someone’s own profit; here everything is simple, equal, and identical for everybody. By reducing the former, we automatically increase the latter. It works as an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth!

But God, taking into account our life, follows a completely different arithmetic. He counts differently and not similarly to all of us. In confession, He multiplies all our sins by zero; in Communion, He gives 100% of grace; in marriage,out of two minuses, He makes one plus and many other "small pluses". Our lives are intersected with other people’s lives, and this intersection changes the vector of our movement. It gives the beginning of a new ray of hope! No one knows how God determines the proportions for everyone, but no one is deprived.

Our life is like an algebraic equation with many variables which is difficult to solve, since it seems to require searching through many elements at once. But, in reality, all the instructions to our life’s mathematics have been written by prophets and apostles a long time ago. It remains to us only to find each variablestep by step.

The main thing in this "mathematical salad" is that there is at least one constant. It is a kind of number Pi, and, when you see it in an equation, you know that it will not change its meaning. Such a constant is Christ, who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!

It is important what is fashionable in our life and what is predominant: good or evil. It is important that one can always draw a bisector of an obtuse or acute angle thus detaching evil from good in his or her life. There can be many variants of solving this task, but the determinant thing is to obtain the correct result. There is no difference as to what kind of task has been assigned to us: solving sums with lover’s triangles,moving in a circle, or staying within four walls. One should not peep into their neighbor’s copybook;one should notbe deeply envious in one’s thoughts about his neighbor being assigned with an easier task or being endowed with more talents. One should be more concentrated on one’s own self and one’s own improvement and extract one’s own square roots.

We all have tasks according to our possibilities, and, if we still do not know how to accomplish them, we should look through a textbook and look for the answer in one of the Ten principal rules or in the axiom "Love God and your neighbor".

We should learn to multiply happiness in the world and divide sorrows. We should raise our service to others to our maximum power and contribute to fractioning all evil around us.

Even though it sometimes seems absolutely unrealistic to find a solution, one should not be disappointed since even the most difficult brain twister sooner or later will be resolved because each of us is a genius to some extent!

In the end, when the "lesson of mathematics" is over, the Teacher will ask each student how they haveaccomplished the task assigned to them, and how they made use of their compasses, protractors, and rulers. And, then, every neglected chance of doing good and every gesture of impoliteness and disdain will matter. Then the weight of an act will be pivotal; it will influencethe result of the final test and the ultimate decision for someone’s fate.  

So, we, as God’s children in the School of life, should be very attentive and diligent in looking at the Teacher’s examples; search in them for contemporary analogies, as well as to ask His assistants for advice and consultations to prepare for the most important test in this life.

Marichka Trakalo


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