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EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES16.05.201511:45 On Friday (May 15th), the Internet presentation for the "Kerygma Project," a high-quality Christian music CD, took place.This is a joint project supported by the Andrey Sheptytsky Fund and by the travelling recording studio "Ceciliarec". What is hiding behind this mysterious title? This CD presents the good news, a kind of music that comes and says: "Hello! We are Christians willing to tell you something good from God and about God!"As a result, you receive both quality music and living Christianity...

Throughout a March night, the songs for the “Kerygma Project” were recorded within twelve hours. That night, musicians gathered with friends who encouraged them and assisted them with various things; the sound technician was accompanied by his supporting wife. Behind the scenes, there were six cameramen who filmed everything; additionally, there was a sound producer, a manager, a photographer, and a makeup man. Anastasia Voytiuk, the project manager, shared her impressions by saying, “When you are there with close friends whom you trust and strangers with whom you feel at ease, a very nice atmosphere comes out”.

Among the song authors are: Halyna Konoval, a practicing Christian and a good person, who is not a professional musician, but it was her songs that gave the inspiration to create this album. 

Khrystyna Pidlisetska and Oleksiy Kaplunskyi are two young, active, and professional musicians from the band “Cana” who are enriching the project with new ideas and musical innovations. Khrystyna wrote several songs for the album, and Oleksiy made the musician and arrangement selections. They have also selected musical works which correspond with the subject matter of Kerygma to make the CD sound as if it is a single musical composition consisting of many parts. These parts ranging from the peaceful to the emphatic.

Marichka Chaban is a professional musician (who, being acquainted with others only through chat, came to the recording from Kyiv at 1:00 am and departed at 5:00 am) and an extraordinarily cordial person with a charming voice.

Serhiy Lvov is a unique man who is a young father, a civil activist, a song author, and an excellent guitar player.

In addition to these, there are many other musicians who created sound pictures to every song

The primary goal of the project is to develop the New Evangelization through youth songs. For that purpose, its managers were searching for Christians who write their own compositions. The whole process was subdivided into three states: the searching for authors and compositions for the CD, the preparation of the musical arrangement (i.e., style making and cast selection which created a basis for the flourishing of ideas to create high-quality musical compositions), and the recording of these compositions.

Why was the recording done live and not through a several month process in the studio? The purpose was to transmit the liveliness, warmth, and spontaneity of young authors and musicians. And how can these recordings be made livelier? It should be done similarly to a live performance. During that night, the people who gathered, according to Anastasia Voytiuk, created an immense amount of energy within the twelve-hour recording. This recording is speaking lively to people as a living Word.

How was it?

Marichka Chaban: "This team of wonderful, creative and enterprising people has made the night I spent in Lviv an exciting time which flew by instantly. We were united by music and by God in it. On my way to the filming, I just couldn’t imagine fully how everything would go. Thus, I decided not to plan anything and just gave everything into God’s hands. The cooperation with "Cana" is a process filled with the brilliant realization of simple ideas. It was extremely easy. Every song was recorded in a wave of inspiration. The high professionalism of musicians and their capacity of opening to God created extraordinary things. I had a feeling that we were all on the same line. I had a sensation that everyone also felt and comprehended my song; that my song was comprehended in what I wanted to say in it and the way I wanted to say it. Such moments are of great value to me. Interwoven into these moments of truth, there was a lot of joking and laughing. All of this, I have taken with me as memories into which I will plunge smilingly and with immense gratitude."

Khrystyna Pidlisetska: "For me, this project has become a kind of Supreme project that I have been planning to do for a long time. Gathering Christian musicians and doing something in common is just a great opportunity to, first of all, glorify God by our talents and, second, to share our experiences and penetrate into the creative work of each other. I hope it will be the beginning of a good tradition. "Kerygma Project" is one of the steps to the New Evangelization, through high-quality music, which, infact,is absolutely amazing andpleasing!".

Olya Lytvyn: "It has already been three years running that I spend my every working day at UCU. Several weeks ago, I also spent the night there, which was bound to happen sooner or later. It was a musical and kerygmatic night on the garret in a fantastic environment when not only windowpanes were vibrating but also emotions; when not only texts were speaking, but, also, living people with the manifestation of professional ambitions that really helped to discover and feel God’s calling. At least, it is in this way that I understand Him. I was impressed by how quickly various people with different views and tastes were becoming practically "their own selves". Treating each other calmly, each other’s successes and mistakes seem to be like a common immersion into another, greater space. I still have an impression that, each of us, that night has dived out of one’s own aquarium in order to plunge into a vaster swimming pool, or, perhaps, into a river, sea, or ocean… A musical arranger is searching for a carpet and is correcting the lights, an operator is playing the guitar, an IT-administrator is taking photos and afterwards is joining the music team, a project manager is playing the bandura and, only a few minutes later,each one is doing enthusiastically their own job with the full awareness of how the whole bread is baked and tasting it. I don’t know if a typical working day can be like that, but the fruits of an atypical creative night are joyful, beneficial, and unifying. Or, maybe,‘joyful, cinematic, and lyrical’. But joy is there without doubt!"

Nastya Voytiuk: "Everyone was physically exhausted on our way home in the morning; a little bit sleepy, but we were so very animated in our spirit; filled with inner joy that we’ve done something great with each one’s own contribution to it. I am a project manager, but I was lucky to play in two songs and feeling fantastically to work with this team. There is spiritual music that calms a person,as if stroking the head, but this one wakes you up.Lyrics and music written by the authors are talents from God... And, when you listen to these songs, they just sink into your heart and, in a certain moment, they germinate. When you sing ‘Shine Forth in My Heart’, you walk around and sing it thinking: ‘What am I singing? It is a prayer indeed!’And it is necessary to communicate it to everybody...".

So the "Kerygma Project" is twelve audio recordings available for listening. Almost every song is unique since each is played by various musicians. Some songs are performed by three and others even by all the project participants.

There are also twelve video tracks to be soon available for watching on the Internet. These are filmed in such a way that it isas if you are sitting in a studio during the recording and watching everythinglive. "Ceciliarec" has created the Youtube channel where, every several days, new videos from this project appear.

Video to the song "Shine Forth", Serhiy Lvov

Video to the song "I Stand", Khrystyna Pidlisetska

Besides, it is also a theater. The filming process was participated by the group performing etudes for the Kerygma subject using techniques typical of the shadow theater, which were filmed on a separate day. There will be videos available with these etudes and accompanied by the songs on the Kerygma topic.

The presentation of "Kerygma Project" will be held live in the summer.


The Sheptytsky Fund founded by the Head of the UGCC is aimed at preservation and dissemination of Metropolitan Andrey’s heritage for the Church development as well as for the establishment and consolidation of civil society in Ukraine.

The project has also beensupported by:

UGCC Youth Commission
UGCC Council for Evangelization
Charitable Organization Renovabis

Ukrainian Catholic University

The material prepared by Ulyana Zhuravchak and Anastasia Voytiuk

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