Everything about the UGCC Youth in a Single Reference Book!

05.05.201513:59 This spring, the reference book entitled "The Youth Communities of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church" appeared in print. This edition of the UGCC Youth Commission is aimed at spreading information about the active Christian youth communities, organizations, and movements in addition to the Church institutions taking care of youth.

According to the Head of the UGCC Youth Commission, Fr. Rostyslav Pendiuk, this reference book is destined to help young people to feel like part of one Church family.

The reference book, “The Youth Communities of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church”, consists of 74 pages offering titles, addresses, and the names of leaders for the youth communities, the centers for student spiritual support, and the eparchial youth commissions throughout Ukraine. Additionally, maps of the UGCC eparchies and exarchates are offered to provide easy navigation.

Examples of references found in the book are: the Lviv Sports Club “Don Bosco,” St. Nestor’s Fraternity from the Ivano-Frankivsk region and the community “Hot Hearts” from the Zakarpattia region. References can also be found for youth centers in Odesa, Lutsk, and Kharkiv. One will easily discover that there are so many young people in the Church who join together to create something!

Additionally, mobile phone extensions authored by Max Gontar allow you to find UGCC youth communities on your cellphone (for more information the Facebook group "The DyvenSvit Reference Book" can be consulted). Through internet networking, opportunities are available to further extend the database, while introducing changes and supplements.The UGCC Youth Commission is also planning to update an online-version of the Reference Book. Be sure to follow our news!

We invite you to get actively involved in creating this important source of information for those who seek God and true friends!

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