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25.04.201512:59 Long ago, when I was nearly in the 5th grade,we as kids used to play a game. I can only guess that the idea of it belonged to the girls. This is because we were at the age when the girls had to have some secrets,and they wished to have somestuff to gossip about.

The game was called «Questionnaire for my Friends». With an ordinary copybook, the first page would have a list of questions written with a pen. The questions more or less followed this common trend: 1. Name and surname; 2. Date of birth; 3. Favorite color; 4. Who do you love? Etc.

When we were ten years old, these questions were interesting to fill out. More so because, by playing «Questionnaire for my Friends», we could know and recognize each other more as friends. By the very principle of asking questions and responding to them, one is being shown a hint of progressing towards adulthood.

But if I had to make a list of ten questions today, which questions would I choose? As a twenty seven year old, what would my answer for these questions be? The questions, of course, would be different, but would I have enough naivety and childish sincerity to be honest with my answers?

1.      What would I do if I learned that I was going to die in two minutes?

2.      Who helped me to become what I am now?

3.      When did I last tell my parents that I loved them?

4.      What was the last book I read?

5.      What have I done for peace in Ukraine?

6.      Where can one get money for his or her ideas?

7.      When was the last time that I helped someone?

8.      Have I not shared good words about someone?

9.      What have I done to make someone better?

10. Will any of my deeds be able to, in a thousand years after my death, make someone happy or at least make someone smile heartily?

In fact, these questions are similar to thetest of conscience prior to confession.

Such a «Questionnaire for my Friends», with its questions seeking honest answers,represent myselfregardless if it is in the present or seventeen years ago. The questions have altered but the main point is to not have altered the sincerity of your answers.

Vasyl Vozniak

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