Before Losing Confidence

10.04.201511:05 Before losing confidence remember that this doesn’t make sense – keep up your heart!

Disillusionment takes all of one’s strength, making a person completely worn out. These efforts and time can be used for something else that is much more worthwhile and beautiful.

In these first weeks of 2015, I am mostly desiring to wish to everyone whom I know or do not know: do not lose belief!  The life of each one of us has so great a price andis so valuable!

When our life gets somewhat difficult or even extremely arduous, we should think of what can be done, since the sensation of tiredness and demotivation is just a signal that we are probably doing something wrong or out of harmony.

Disillusionment sometimes comes as a natural sort of probation. When it happens, one can recollect that even the most difficult moments are given to us not without a purpose, that for God everything has its own time and place, not being random. When seized with doubts, pain, or incomprehension about why everything happens in this way, let us bring all our thoughts and feelings to God – let them be transformed and substituted byHis strength, inspiration, endurance in prayer, God’s peace and patience, fortitude and trust in Him Who has created and governs everything!

Let us remember that God can give us comfort for our every pain and strength for our every weariness. I will conclude this text with the song which once I composed myself and occasionally sing:

"To every illness there’s a medicine,
To every hunger there is nourishment,
To every weariness there is sleep,

To every sorrow there’s the Spirit the Comforter...".

And to all the questions to which we seem not to have an answer yet, there is our trust in God. He knows the answer. And it is sufficient and most important to keep calm.

Uliana Zhuravchak


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