“Christ has incarnated – but what does it mean for me?” – by Bishop Aleksiychuk

09.01.201412:37 “Two thousand years ago the event that radically changed the paths of mankind occurred. I am firmly convinced that humanity has still not realized the full extent of what has happened,” says Bishop Venedyct, Bishop Assistant of Lviv Archeparchy, during these joyful days of Christmas.

“Every human being today, and years ago and throughout history has always looked and looks for God, strives for Him -- and in the person of Jesus Christ God Himself comes to man, God is with man, God comes as a man. Therefore, for us Christians, it is very important to be conscious of this reality and to understand what a great gift we have in the Incarnation. No other religion can boast of the fact that God has come to His people so completely.

But Christianity is not even a religion, because within a religion a man seeks for God.  Yet in Christianity, God Himself comes to man. We must meditate over this great mystery that, however, for over two thousand years is still incomprehensible for the human mind: how God becomes man.

Therefore, in this Christmas day we have to ask ourselves: Christ has been born, Christ has incarnated – but what does that mean for me?” – Bishop Venedyct reminds us poignantly.

Photo: catholicnews.org.ua

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