Europe Needs the Commitment, Faith and Courage of Young Christians – Pope Francis

02.01.201413:51 Pope Francis emphasized the virtues in his message addressed European youth gathered in Strasbourg, France for the 36th European meeting organized by the Taize ecumenical community: "Europe needs your courage and your faith in order to overcome the difficult moments it lives through", he stated.

«A youth meeting held in these places serves as a reminder that Europe still undergoing difficulties truly needs the commitment, faith and courage of young Christians as they persevere through trials. And, furthermore, the existing divisions between Christ’s followers are obstacles for the mission entrusted to the Church», – Pope Francis recollected. The Holy Father expressed his expectations that thanks to the faith of youth and their witness to the evangelical spirit, peace and reconciliation will be spread among our contemporaries.«The authenticity and credibility of the Christian message would have been much greater if Christians had overcome their divisions». These are the words from Pope Francis’s Apostolic Exhortation Evangeliі Gaudium, from which the Holy Father instructed the participants in the youth meeting taking place on the border between France and Germany. He underlined the symbolic importance of their meeting this year since it is held simultaneously in Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace region in France, as well as in other localities not only of the Alsace region, but also from the German side of the border belonging to the Ortenau district. All of these lands underwent numerous wars with multiple victims.

Just as a reminder, the 36th European Taize Youth Meeting started on December 28 in Strasbourg. It hosts more than 20 thousand young Christians from Europe, among which there are 2,5 thousand Ukrainians. 

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